GLC en la Alianza Internacional de Cambios Climáticos

Gimnasio Los Caobos está representando a Bogotá, Colombia en un evento internacional de la Alianza Internacional de Cambios Climáticos (IPCC) en Canadá en tres semanas, y queremos incluir las voces de todos los Colombianos Bogotanenses (?) que podemos.  Nos han pedido reunir por lo menos 2,000 opiniones locales, y para eso necesitamos su ayuda.

Abajo verán las palabras de los estudiantes y un hipervínculo; pido por favor que lo reparten en sus comunidades, entre jovenes y adultos, para tener sus opiniones sobre el tema.  Como estamos representando a la region, no solamente al colegio, su colaboración será una ayuda grande.

"Colombia. Rich in biodiversity and nature life. That’s what we learned from the mouth of the society, but today, this rich and full of life country has changed, our reality has changed in a way we do not accept, we believe that this game hasn’t finished, we, Colombians, have in our hand the tools that science and experience has given us to stop what has begun.

"The good life is a reality far away from us, we have altered the ecosystems in a way never seen before, turning our water rivers into oil rivers, our blue sky to a grey one, this is not what a good life is. We can’t expect to live happily while all around us is turning grey.

"We are young students, determined to change and stop climate change, the temperature can’t go up anymore, our country cannot resist, we recognize the capability we have to start making an impact and that’s what we are doing.

"Our plan is to apply the new technologies in order to reduce the concentration of the gases in the atmosphere and of course, start at our school. This is the begging of the way, that at one point will take us to the good life, in which the Ecosystem services are consumed responsibly and no living been is affected.

"Bear in mind that our motivation is linked to the hope that one day the natural phenomena such as; landslides, floods, and droughts, could be reduced by our actions and hundreds of lives could be saved if only, we stop climate change.”


Muchísimas gracias en adelante por su colaboración.

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